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Acupuncture in thermography

Acupuncture is form Latin acus and punctura (puncture needle litterally) is an alternative medecine mentionned around 100 BC in China into The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing) but it is evidence that a new-born methodology would never be mentionned in such publication and that this was invented long time before. But was probably born in India, 5000 years ago regarding the Ayurveda book and introduced in China around 160 BC, chinese will anyway considerably developping and researching on it so that that the modern version is based on their form and India maintained their own tradition on it.

The insertion of needle can be associated with heat, pressure or lately with laser but all are used on the same defined points and practise vary regarding location and phylosophy. Anyway, all are more or less working on the same body map containing points, meridians and qi.

This practise is actually submitted to doubt by modern medecine despite a lot of acupunctors are doctors themselves and that practise is more and more performed with strict guidance and methodology. A lot of study exists on the topic but cultural vision seems introducing some bias with a conflict Asian/European vision.

Thermography can here help to quiet down controversy by visualizing the effect of treatment and then helping to sort and validate the situation.

Monitoring of an acupuncture treatment through H-7 point

The upper image displays the monitoring of an acupuncture treatement (digital image is informative, not the treated patient).

At first, examinate one was demonstrating a thermal print with a pattern ruling H-7 until H-8/9 points drawing a line showing a meridian.

Decision is then taken to treat it though acupuncture because patient complaints of sudden tension rises up 200-250 mmhg detected and that no other examination (other than thermography and blood pressure measure) or treatment gives results but as pain was here.

Treatment was simply two steel needle of 50 mm pointed to H-7 point on both wrist, after 15 minutes, clear improvment is demonstrated, after 30 minutes situation is normalized.

One week repetition of the treatment reports to cure the patient definitively. Source: Pr. José Travassos Valdez

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