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Pigeon in thermography

Pigeon or Columba is a medium bird of the genus Columba covering a group of stout-bodied pigeons, often referred to as the typical pigeons. The terms dove and pigeo are used indiscriminately for smaller and larger Columbidae.

Columba species are commonly named "pigeons", and in many cases wood-pigeons. The species commonly referred to just as the pigeon is the feral pigeon (C. livia domestica), based from the rock pigeon (C. livia), origin of to the majority of domesticated pigeon breeds, such as the racing pigeon. "Wood pigeon" by itself usually means the common wood pigeon (C. palumbus).

This genus as understood today is native to Europe, but some, as the domestic and feral rock pigeon, have been introduced outside their natural area, for example in the Americas.

Infrared thermal image of a pigeon, thermography

Group of pigeons eating seen in thermography

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