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Videogames effects seen in thermography

Warning: each body is unique as each situation, pictures will be then a principle. One subject as already a hand colder as the other, not uncommon but not the perfect case too.


Videogames are a part of our daily life but their effect on our body and mind are quite lowly studied.

Mind will not be the topic but body yes as thermography as the speciality to display the body effect of situations.

Hand and videogames

"thermography of the keyboard hand during a videogame"

As starting point, we will take her the hand and displaying the effects of a play with keyboard and mouse, here the left hand, keyboard one after 10 minutes + 25 linutes on PUBG/Fortnite.

Room temperature: 20°C , gaming keyboard, right hand player, mouse is right hand.

High decrease of temperature related to paying time with effects up to the wrist.

Upper thermography are in the same temperature range, below one have their best temperature range.


"gamepad and videogame, analyze in thermographic mode"

Cooling effect is quite important but different. This suggest that each and game/configuration can have his own effect.


We will use here a joystick system but for the same game in order to keep the same stress type.

Left hand observed after game Fortnite/PUBG type

Impact staysimpressive and thumb effect is due to "run" fonction on the upper micro-joystick.

Nintendo Switch

"Nintendo Switch analyze through thermography with a Fortnite game"

For Nintendo Switch, the situation is extremely different and it seems that the position of index fingers is not the best.

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