Water cooling

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Version française: Vue thermographique du faïençage de l'eau


Thermogram of the cooling of a water's pellicule

Water cooling.jpg


This was experiment about thermographic view of brownian motion. In order to improve quality of image, I imagined to pour the boiling water on a cold water couch. What happen was surprising, I blocked the vertical brownian motion because pellicule was too thin and finally create a cyclonic cooling system thanks to the atmosphere. A cyclon in a board to finally crackle and become back a normal brownian motion until equilibar and back to time 0.

The point here is that pellicule of water is unable to have vertical convection but is hotter than air and below water. As so hotter than density disallow both water zone to mix together, then this exchange only with conductivity to the below and with convection with the above. So long the temperature difference is enough high, a cyclonic activity can be observed with a thermal camera.

Other effects:

  • No Coriolis force involved, experiment shows that this is the slightest side effect of the drop who generate a possible turning
  • Mirror effect from beneath the hot pellicule who emphasize reflection and optimize friction between both water's medium.

Complete article in french: Vue thermographique du faïençage de l'eau

A case were drop was perfectly straight double effect of water cooling in thermal view

Experiment's data

A classical water board without plate : 21 -12 cm diameter, 3 cm high

200ml of cold water + 110 ml nearby boiling water

This means around 1 cm deep for cold water and 0.3 cm for hot water.

No difference observed between tap water and pure water.

animated gif of an experiment where water is cooling under a thermographic camera

In video

Vision one version iron: YouTube 1

Vision two version rainbow: YouTube 2


Version française: Vue thermographique du faïençage de l'eau


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