Lung cancer

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Thermography of lung cancer

carcinoma of the lung , pulmonary carcinoma or simply lung cancer is caused by malignant tumor generating uncontrolled growth of tissue into the lung.

This can drive to a metastasis process who will then spread this condition to the reste of the body. Most usual symptoms are coughing without cause(including with blood expell), weight loss, breath shortened and some pains into the chest. Most of lung cancer are caused by smoking and the rest of the cases are caused to a combination of genetic factords, by exposition to radon, asbestos or severe air pollution.

Usually x-ray or tomography combined with biopsy are used for diagnose but thermography is able to detect them too.

X-ray and thermography of lung cancer medical condition

Upper her is a comparison of lung cancer diagnose with thermography regarding a use of X-ray. Source: Pr. José T. Valdez.

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