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Hepatitis in thermography

Hepatitis derive from the Greek hêpar (ἧπαρ), meaning 'liver', and the suffix -itis (-ῖτις), meaning 'inflammation' this then medical condition caracterized inflammatory cells into the liver and inflammation of the liver itself.

Can be chronic or acute(less than 6 months) and often joined by jaujndice. Main cause are toxic ingestion (including alcohol), autoimmune diseases, medication, industrial organic solvent, plants and viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis in human body, medical thermography

This case is quite clear, a very large suspect pattern and lately confirmed as a hepatitis condition; souce: Pr José T. Valdez

Thermography of a light reversible hepatitis seen in thermography

The upper example is in fact less dramatic as the previous one because a peak one and reversible.

Hepatitis condition in thermography

Third example in high resolution


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